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I don’t want a basic b*tch…

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I don’t want a basic b*tch…

I really don’t like these two terms.  It’s completely idiotic.  The two terms lack culture and awareness in the people who used it.

‘Fuck boy’ is usually used by women who thinks too highly of themselves but offer no value to the relationship except their vanity.  They often like to refer to themselves as ‘bad bitches’ but the only thing bad about them is their attitude.  In essence, they’re ‘basic bitches’ cause they lack class and ambition in life.

‘Basic bitch’ is usually used by men who think they’re players and they’re trying to sleep with as many ‘bad bitches’ as they can.  They often like to refer to themselves as the ‘king’ or a ‘boss’, but neither word is correct in describing themselves because both words aren’t ‘toolbag’.

To summarize, a ‘basic bitch’ and ‘fuck boy’ should date each other cause they’re mutually exclusive in class.


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