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When Pepsi Said…

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When Pepsi Said…

It’s pretty obvious what Pepsi did here.  They tried to cash in on the ‘popularity’ of Kendall Jenner and the social injustice movements in the United States.  However, they chose the wrong person because Kendall Jenner is a privilege rich chick who does not know anything about social injustices.  She has no real talent outside of being a ‘Kardashian’ and the harmony that Pepsi is looking for isn’t lead by someone in the Kardashian family.

The social injustice movements are lead by figures like Bernie Sanders, MLK, JFK, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Ai Weiwei, Banksy, and Dalai Lama.  Genuine people who believe in a cause that’s not trying to make money on the attention they receive on reality TV or social media.   It’s an easy concept and idea that Pepsi should have know.  With all that said, drink Coke.

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