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I’m a big foodie.

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I’m a big foodie.

We all have those friends who say this.  The obnoxious ones who won’t let you eat your food until they take a picture of it.  The annoying ones with all the food posts on their Instagram with hashtags like #NomNomNom and #Instafood.  The pictures that make you want to comment with #InstaNoFucksGiven.  It’s like we get it.

You have an eating disorder.  We will never call you fat in front of your face or when you’re in the other room.  We will do it when you’re not around and say how annoying you are with your posts.  It’s like be a normal basic person.  Take a selfie, post a picture of you at Starbucks, something you just bought or an annoying picture of you traveling.


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