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Aww thanks…That’s sweet of you.

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Aww thanks…That’s sweet of you.

Come on, fellas.  This should be a clear hint that you ain’t gonna get any from her no matter what you do.  You could “like” and give her compliments on all her social media posts, but she still won’t sleep with you.  You could take her to some of the most expensive dinners, buy her all the drinks at the club and she will still choose the guy that doesn’t give her any attention.

Today or tomorrow will not be the day when she suddenly wakes up and realizes you’re the love of her life then comes over your place for some unforgettable sex.  The one thing she realizes is that she won’t be sleeping with you.  She will start to text you if you stop giving her attention because she needs the ego boost from someone harmless like you, “friend”.


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