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She’s Really Pretty But…

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Most men want trophy wives but there’s an issue if he says she’s not my type.


Most successful men are pigs.  Men will sleep with anything with a pulse and wife anyone who makes them a sandwich.  However, there’s definitely an issue when he says, “she’s not my type.”  It’s either he’s still in the closest, she’s not up to par with his usual flock of conquests, or she’s a crazy red-headed gold-digger.  Successful men know gold-diggers the moment when they walk into a room.

The truth is most successful men want women they can respect who are driven, ambitious and add value to the relationship.  They don’t want to be your sponsor.  If they wanted to be someone’s sponsor, they’ll DM those half-naked Instagram chicks who have a tendency to travel around the world without any legit occupation.


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